• Brian Cumming

    Pro skydiver. Bigway Load Organiser. Tunnel coach. AFFI. uk-skydiver.co.uk owner. Podcaster. AskMeAboutSkydiving.com, FirstAidDailyQuestion

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  • Brian Cumming

    Sky Fun and Tunnel Jams. And so many cheesy high fives. So many.


    I'd love to fly with you and help make you a better skydiver or just put a big smile on your face. Skydiving and tunnel flying is fun. At least it should be.


    Sky Fun

    - Bigway FS Load Organising

    - Wingsuit Load Organising

    - FS coaching (FS, 4way or bigway)

    - AFF instruction


    Tunnel Jams

    - Dynamic6 FS (www.dynamic6.uk)

    - Dynamic4 FS

    - 4way FS

    - FS1

    - Bigway skills

    - AFF skills and

    - freefly. I really want to get better and I want some friends to fly with on a regular basis.


    Brian Cumming

    - BPA and USPA AFF Instructor

    - >2000 jumps

    - 3x World Records (including)

    -- FS Sequential. 202way 2pts.

    -- WS Large Formation 61way

    - Represented UK at 4wayFS at 2009 World Cup in Prostejov, Czech Republic.

    - Represented UK at 4wayFS at 2011 World Cup in Saarlouis, Germany.

    - A bunch of medals in the lower categories of 4way but none in AAA. Damn, that stuff is hard.

  • Values

    • Easy to do business with
    • Innovative & entrepreneurial
    • Intelligent Laziness. My own brand of efficiency. Why make life hard for yourself? Be efficient. Be an intelligent lazy person.
    • Integrity
    • Intensely customer focussed
    • Profitable
  • Radio Skydive UK

    A skydiving podcast for the UK and European scene. Aimed at experienced skydivers. Interviews with top stars of the sport, educational segments and topical news. Established March 2014 and with approx 1000 downloads per episode we really should have a proper logo by now.

  • FS Load Organiser

    Big moves and funky shapes


    Hire me


    Jump with me

    Bigway FS skydiving for all experience levels. Lead organiser for the Bigway Beginners events run at DZs nationally. Captained Chasing Tails 28way team twice. Organised the three plane 40ways at Sibson for their 40th anniversary boogie. Skydive Spain Xmas boogies x2. Photo by Matt Black.

  • Innovative wind tunnel flying for skydivers who love to fly flat but don't wish to be constrained by the traditional flat flying ethos. Uses the whole 16' Bedford tunnel to full effect. Don't ever stop moving, be dynamic. Never static.

  • Skydiving (AFF) Instructor

    Freelance. Based out of Skydive Langar

    A British Parachute Association ("BPA") and a United States Parachute Association ("USPA") qualified skydiving instructor. Teaching beginners how to fly safely and with confidence. Primarily based at Skydive Langar but available worldwide. Photo by Ally Milne.

    398 AFFI jumps as of Nov 2018

  • The UK's largest online skydiving forum.

    - Useful

    - Impartial and Fair

    - Profitable

  • Elected Director, British Parachute Association, 2014-2018

    The National Governing Body for Skydiving in the UK www.bpa.org.uk

    Elected onto the board of directors of the NGB of skydiving in the UK, 2014-2018. With a specific interest in communication. Both from the Board of Directors to the members of the association and also from the members to the Board of Directors. Photo of BPA Board of Directors 2016.

  • AFF and Tandem Skydives

    Introducing the public to our wonderful sport of skydiving. As an experienced skydiver myself, I really want to promote AFF (photo) but if tandem skydiving is your thing, I won't stop you choosing that either. Photo by Chris Cook.

  • Helping qualified first aiders improve their knowledge and increase their confidence in only 15 seconds a day. Can also be used to learn First Aid if you think it will help. Who doesn't have 15 seconds per day?

  • Terms and Conditions

    Payments due

    Tunnel bookings due 73hrs before flying. I have to pay the tunnel 72hrs in advance.

    Private coaching is one week.

    If you book onto an event and can no longer make it, I will do my best to find someone to take your place. Or find someone yourself and make it happen. Just let me know.


    Bad weather policy.
    No refunds if I have travelled to the DZ.
    25% refund if I have not travelled.

    50% refund with >7days notice.